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This music library is a free service that offers 5 weeks of content, resources (via website and hard copy books), games, instruments, CD song resources (linked to movement, gender equality, turn taking and listening), tools and support to run 15min music sessions with your children aged 0-5 years.

Educators and carers can use the resources to include music into their programs or playgroups, support their self help and listening skills and use music to extend children’s positive relationships and cognitive skills.

Centres and playgroups around Paynesville and Bairnsdale have already been involved in terms 3-4 2022, in running mini respect sessions that help support 0–5-year-old children with how to respect instruments and others whilst playing music and having fun.

These sessions have also targeted school readiness and musical skills, like turn taking, respectful listening, sharing, stopping, safety and musical terms like dynamics, tempo, beat, rhythm and silence.

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